Malmesbury Film Society has temporarily gone virtual.  

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Time for Love

Available until 19 September 2021.

What would you do for love? Mikołaj barely hesitates before he abandons his lowly job handing out leaflets dressed as a snowball and hops on a train in pursuit of the woman of his dreams (who has just walked by). Once aboard, we’re met with a wryly amusing and sometimes surreal series of loosely connected encounters and incidents, involving such as a pair of lost children, a tyrannical ticket inspector, a man with a child’s coffin, a compartment full of tough nuts and a runaway mouse. 

Beautifully lit and shot, Columbian director Miguel J. Vélez’s first feature is a highly theatrical stab at reinventing that tried-and-tested cinema trope – ‘strangers on a train’. And he succeeds. The action is sprightly, the characters likeable, the mood hopeful and the outcome satisfying. 




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