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Noah Land

In order to realise his estranged and terminally-ill father’s wish to be buried under the ‘Noah Tree’ his father swears he planted, Omer, a quick-tempered son in a mid-life crisis, has to face the villagers who believe that the ‘holy’ tree is the first tree planted by prophet Noah after the Great Flood and has the power to immediately answer their prayers. A deeply felt exploration of male ego in the tradition of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, staring Haluk Bilginer from Winter Sleep.

Noah Land has been nominated for numerous festival awards and has won seven, including Best Screenplay (International Narrative Competition), and Best Actor (International Narrative Competition - Ali Atay) at Tribeca 2019, Best Actor (National Competition - Ali Atay) at the 2019 Bosphorus Film Festival and Best Film and Best Director at the 2019 Adana Film Festival.

“A thoughtful and deeply felt debut from Cenk Ertürk, Noah Land probes ethical questions about the price of victory while weighing a human tendency to react in extremes.” - Frederic Boyer, Tribeca Film Festival.

“Men are allowed to be vulnerable, and Noah Land reminds us of that fact” - Film Threat

”_Noah Land_‘s strength lies in its imperfect characters who all admit or display their shortcomings and yet whose lives we come to care about… It is through the collection of characters, who all care very deeply and who acknowledge their faults, whether or not they contribute to the story’s minimal action, that Noah Land truly shines.” - Leah Singerman, FilmBook.


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And The Birds Rained Down

Ted remembers a time when the birds rained down. A lifetime ago a devastating forest fire engulfed his Quebecois home, as well as the birds. Now he is living out his later years in the same forest, isolated but for his companions Charlie and Tom and their dogs. It seems their sylvan hermitage is a kind of paradise, but disturbing undercurrents of discontent flow through it, and the balance is thrown when two women arrive – one the long-institutionalised aunt of Steve, owner of a local (and deserted) hotel, the other a younger photographer keen to document the survivors of that forest fire.

Based on an acclaimed novel by Jocelyne Saucier, And the Birds Rained Down is an unsentimental portrayal of what it means to have lived a long life, rich with experiences and secrets, and what one should do with that as the years close in. The film is meditative, beautifully filmed and engrossing – rarely in the movies are the lives of older people treated with such respect or examined with such sincere interest.

And the Birds Rained Down won the 2020 Canadian Screen Award for Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Rémy Girard), the Festival Prize for Best Canadian Feature at the 2020 Victoria Film Festival and director Louise Archambault took the Dragon Award in the International Competition at the 2020 Göteborg Film Festival.

“This eco-friendly, elegantly delivered tale about the sunset changes in the lives of a trio of graybeards living in the woods is engaging, thought-provoking and ultimately moving…” - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter.

“Touching, heartbreaking, and dangerously thought-provoking, And the Birds Rained Down will force you to re-examine your relationship with yourself, the world around you, and the people you love.” - Anne T. Donahue, Globe and Mail.



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